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A fresh and exciting UK sightseeing and adventure tour company for backpackers, students and independent travelers. About Us

Run by travelers who crave an adventure, who aim to use their knowledge and travel experience to give you an unforgettable journey. These are the people that make RedRaw so special, passionate about giving you the very best experience in an informative yet informal manner. Meet the Team 

A tour company that cares about the people we meet and the environment we explore. Our Values 

The highlight of your trip, and the best reason to visit the UK. Our adventures will leave you with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

A flexible and cost-effective way to travel. From door-to-door shuttles to week long adventures, we’ve got it covered. 

Whatever you want it to be. It’s your chance to create the perfect adrenaline fueled day for you and your group right here in Blighty. Hangover optional! 

Putting the ‘Great’ back into Britain. We are experts in UK travel and here to help you get the most out of your time in this historic, beautiful and diverse country.

Your ultimate British adventure. We look forward to meeting you on one of our tours soon. Until then, take it easy and enjoy your travels. Book Now